Discovery is back on track

After facing dangerous cracks in its external tube, shuttle Discovery is back on track for its launch on February 24. The aim of the shuttle is to supply critical spare parts and also supply needed things to the US module which is situated in the International Space Station.

After the technical glitches appeared, the shuttle was forced to get grounded some three months back. The information was revealed during the Feb 18 clearance. A senior executive who was involved with the project said that the kind of technical difficulty that they have gone through is one of the most difficult one. It becomes even more complicated because there are no obvious answers to it.

Said shuttle commander Steven Lindsey praised the team efforts and said that it was commendable of what the team has been able to do. They have done proper due diligence and have taken proper help from data.

In the end, the problem was pinpointed. He added, that what added to advantage of the team was the fact that they were not rushed and focused properly on engineering.