Sheep smarter than thought of, says study

They have been following what is called a 'herd mentality', but the truth is that sheep are not as foolish and dumb as we thought they are. A study has shown that the animal which had been maligned till now and was considered to be dim-witted and completely selfish is as smart or may be better than many of its equals in biological classification.

The study was done by scientists at the Cambridge University and they found that when it comes to brainpower, the sheep are nothing less than their equals i. e. the rodents, monkeys and in some cases even the humans.

The study says that the sheep are better suited for learning and are also better mentally prepared to face the surroundings.

Neuroscientist Professor Jenny Morton is the head of the study and he said that sheep can perform any kind of cognitive tasks. This is something that is not possible even by some of bigger and better-though primates-the monkeys.

For the study, different colored buckets were used and then a flock of sheep was asked to carry the same to Welsh Mountains. Then they were asked to find out the colored bucket that they had carried and the tests were compared to humans.