BATS seals Chi-X deal, looks into derivatives

BATS Chi-X Europe has shown its interest in derivative trading. BATS Chi-X Europe is the new European stock-trading group which was formed by BATS Global Markets' acquisition of Chi-X Europe. It has indicated to launch a derivatives-trading platform.

A senior BATS executive has informed that the trading group which is located pan-Europe is interested to launch the derivative platform soon.

BATS Europe Chief Executive Mark Hemsley has said to Dow Jones Newswires that derivatives will be interesting for the exchange.

On Friday, BATS had also announced that it is going to buy Chi-X Europe. Chi-X Europe is considered to be the main rival of BATS in pan-European stock trading.

However, the financial details of the possible buyout are not yet known. People who are familiar with this deal have informed that value of BATS possible buyout of Chi-X Europe will be approximately $360 million. It has also been informed that regulatory approval is also required for this buyout.

Mr. Hemsley has said that BATS Chi-X Europe have the actual potential to capture the European market and can challenge that monopoly of its rivals.