United Airlines to spread Economy Plus to Continental fleet

Scott O’Leary posted on Milepoint, and probably even Flyertalk, United is going to retain Economy Plus and will even add it to the Continental fleet that is slated to start in the year 2012.

This news brings a huge relief to everyone concerned, though it was not completely unexpected. It was certain that it had to be a ground up review, also that the Continental’s management was on its way to decide on the basis of whether or not they considered the economy plus to bring in incremental revenue as against having the extra seats in coach to make sale. United has gotten pretty much adept at up selling passengers for those seats.

Also the, economy plus without an, ounce of doubt brings in product differentiation as well as consumer option at the low and mid-tier elite levels.

The front cabin is not seen by a United Premier flying 25,000 miles every year very often. However it is better off in the back on United alongside an additional legroom instead of other remaining carriers.

Currently, it must be mentioned that there has been no decision from their side regarding if they want Premiers (as well as Continental Silvers).