Inflation uptick may be boon to U.S. economy

The rise in the consumer price in the U. S. is becoming swifter following a period of dormancy for several months.

However, a tug of war of the goods cost with the services cost going below the surface might just be able to control the inflation from churning into the kind of worry and big issue it is in China, Europe and most of the other emerging markets.

Altogether, the prices were higher by 1.6% last month than what it was one year ago, and according to the government, it was the highest rise in the prices in last eight months.

The increasing costs of the extremely evident items such as gasoline and Starbucks coffee are leading to the popular apprehension that there has been a return of the much dreaded inflation.

However, in most of the other businesses, such as barber shops as well as Sunday's Daytona 500 Nascar race, the costs haven’t increased that much and in a few cases have even reduced.

Meanwhile the conflicting forces at present are the increasing prices of commodities all over the world that are raising the costs for a majority of the good items, and the slowly recuperating U. S. economy.