Women sleep more affected by alcohol-use than men

Study has found out that it is the women who are at the losing end when it comes to losing sleep it is the women who suffer more than men. And the reason behind this is the differences in their metabolism.

There is nothing new in the fact that intake of alcohol affects sleeping habits. In most cases, the trend is that people sleep at the first half of the night and start losing sleep during the latter part. In normal cases, it should happen otherwise and is called 'rebound effect'.

Meanwhile, the current study had 59 women and 34 men studied during the time. Most of them were in their early part of 20s and used to take in alcohol before going to sleep. After that, their sleeping pattern was monitored.

It was seen as a pattern that women who consume alcohol had fewer hours of sleep and woke up more frequently than men. The study has been posted online and will appear in the May issue of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Said the team who did the studies, that it is going to have future implications.