Republicans in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act

Recently only, the Republican in the US House of Representatives, asked for repealing of the Affordable Care Act. And for the same they unanimously voted.

This is a health care reform that has been passed by the Democrats. Even the senate Republicans voted against the implementation of the act. However, since these Republicans were not able to stop the passing of the act since they have no control over the Senate.

But the critics say that this is an act of hypocrisy on part of the Republicans. And since they are themselves enrolled for an insurance plan that is subsidized by the taxpayers, they are least bothered if the Americans get affordable health insurance or not.

Says U. S. Rep. Joe Courtney, the Connecticut Democrat that repeal at this time would mean that all the patients who are suffering from high cost diseases like cancer, hamophilia and others are going to be subjected to lifetime limit on their coverage. Because of that millions of Americans are going to be subjected to bankruptcy just because they are ill.

Figures show that some 129 million Americans are subjected to pre-existing conditions.