Neil Barofsky to resign from his post

Neil Barofsky has decided to step down from his post by the end of March this year. He had criticized the Treasury Department's handling of taxpayer-funded bailouts when he was special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

He has written a letter to the president Obama over this issue. In this letter he has maintained that he is willing to quit from his position because he was looking for some other opportunities.

He has said that his office had a really significant affirmative impact during his tenure. His office investigation had helped the government in several ways. It had not only enclosed 14 criminal certainties for fraud but also recovered above $150 million along with preventing the loss of $550 million in fraud.

Barofsky took his position in the month of December, 2008. He overwhelmed the U. S. bailout of American International Group, and the Treasury's housing loan-modification program as well. He had also helped the government's decision to enhance the rate of closings of General Motors and Chrysler auto dealerships. He will resign on 30th of March, 2010.