Scottish travel agent become first in country to sell space tourism

A travel agent in Scotland has been the first one in his country to have sold rights to travel in space. He is based in Edinburgh and has sold tickets for the onboard Virgin Galactic.

Name of the travel agency is Dream Escape and it is into the business of luxury business.

It has joined the list of four other agencies in UK. Cost of each seat is £125,000 at present and with more and more time, it is said that the price will continue to go up.

As of now, there are just 140 travel agents in the whole world, who are actually the seats and making money out of it.

Owner of Dream Escape, David Tobin said that till now, close to 500 people have associated itself with the idea of travelling into space. These people are going to be called the Pioneers and shall be the first space goers.

For doing the selling act, the travel agent Tobin had to undergo a course in London. This was important since they had to understand about the product.

Interestingly, one of the persons who have applied is a 87 year old gentleman from the same country.