Costs scale-up for small firms despite growing production

According to a survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), although production picks up small firms are battling intense cost pressures with hitting margins. This has come across as a red flag to keep the inflation rate at check, although the production figures are up than the previous quarter. The CBI SME Trends had conducted a poll and the results of which showed that small manufacturing companies witnessed a change in production in the three months to January.

About 30 per cent of firms surveyed reported a rise in output with just 17 per cent of the total seeing a fall. Effectively the output was driven by an improvement in domestic order growth with about 8 per cent overall positive balance;
28 per cent seeing a rise in local order volumes and 20 per cent accounting a fall.

All these outcomes reflect a strapping cost pressures with profit margins being weighed since early last year. The average domestic prices saw a noticeable shift of rise by 6 percent with export prices rising by 9 percent, with the unit costs going up by 30 percent. However as opposed to the expected figures, the data makes for worrying reading so as to maintain the balance between the interest rates at a level to supports growth in the wider economy inflation in check and with the need to keep inflation in check and the burden is for the Bank of England.