British Airways hikes fuel surcharges

Yesterday, British Airways (BA) has made an increment in its fuel surcharges by almost 20 per cent. This was done for long-haul passengers only.

Now it has been apprehended that, the rise in fuel will lead to the rise in prices of the ticket as well. That means four people of a family flying economy on a long-haul return will have to face up to £704 in fuel surcharges only. The cost in business or first class will be £1,000.

However, the good news is that, these charges are not applied to short-haul flights. These prices will be executed from Tuesday for all the long-haul services.

BA has also said that, spot price of jet fuel was up 14 per cent since the last duty rise in mid-December. This rise was the result of extensive increases in oil prices.

There will be also increase in the price of an economy return ticket and first class return ticket. It will add £24 and £34 to the prices respectively.