New type of mosquito develops

A new type of mosquito has been discovered by the scientists. It has found out to have been a member of subgroup Anopheles gambiae. This is the same group of insects which is responsible for spreading diseases like malaria and has been quite active in Africa.

The report came out in science journal, Science, where the researchers have said that this kind of mosquito is quite susceptible to spreading of parasites. It is a great matter of concern since the information about them is quite little.

While the specie was found out quite sometime back, they were not classified because they were found to be staying far away from human dwellings. Dr Michelle Riehle, from the Pasteur Institute in Paris along with her team made the discovery.

The team found out that these insects are found close to ponds and puddles where most of the villages now days are placed.

When the samples were examined it was found out that these are genetically distinct from other mosquito of the same team. It was found that the kind has developed after generations of unique subtypes.