It is now possible to become invisible

For all those who used to think that becoming invisible is impossible, this should be an eye opener. The thing that was once part of fiction like, harry Potter has now come to physical form, thanks to a team of scientists.

They have managed to make an invisibility cloak that can make everyday objects become invisible. As of now, it only works on objects and has not been applied on humans till now. These objects include pins and paper clips only.

It works by exploiting the phenomenon of natural-light bending. It is the same thing that works on transparent objects like crystal. Anything that is placed under the crystal makes it look flat and featureless.

Researchers also said that till now, the study has only been done in case of more sophisticated devices that are capable of hiding out larger objects. As of now, they are only seen in case of objects but in the future these cloaks are going to be used for hiding out military hardware, informed one of the researcher.

But for now, the cloak is not ready because it needs some technical tweaking here and there.