Muslim Brotherhood supports remonstrations

Some of the opposition groups are calling for a new Egyptian government known as the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a banned political movement that wants a government run rigorously as an Islamic state.

At present their demands are familiar with liberals that are the elimination of President Hosni Mubarak and free elections as stated by Amr Hamzawy, an Egyptian who teaches at Cairo University.

David Schenker, a Middle East counselor in the Defence Department who is below President George W. Bush has said that any government in which the Brotherhood has a better role would be less compassionate of U. S. interests.

According to him, elder leaders of the Brotherhood have assured to end Egypt's peace contract with Israel.

The organization was found in the 1920s and since that time it has been a revolutionary opposition group in Egypt. It opposes corruption and sponsors a conventional form of Islam in government.

Apart from that, it has inspired al-Qaeda and the Iran-backed Palestinian group Hamas. The State Department considers this organization as a terrorist group.