Massive Monitor Lizard Reunited With its Owners

Black-throated Monitor lizard Elmer reunited with its owners on Wednesday, after the five-foot reptile was captured roaming around a Riverside, California, condo complex.

The mild-mannered Elmer was examined by the Riverside County Animal Services before it was returned to its owner.

The massive lizard vanished on Sunday from the Casarez's condo situated on Wheaton Way while a member of its owner-family was cleaning his tank and accidentally left the security door open.

Fifty-six-year-old Tom Casarez Sr. said his three sons, Tom Jr., Brock and Bronson, had purchased Elmer around two years ago for $250 from a pet store.

Tom Sr. said that they were thrilled to get their pet lizard back. Showing their love for the lizard, he added, "We pet him, spend time with him, let him roam our condo. He sits on my lap with his head on my shoulder while I watch TV."

Native to grasslands of southern Africa, this species of black-throated lizards are carnivores that hunt live prey.