Next-gen Apple Peel 520 turns iPod Touch into iPhone 4

The second generation of Apple Peel 520, which is designed by Yosion, eliminates the line between the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

The recently introduced Apple Peel 520 acts as both a protective case and a kind of adapter which provides an iPod Touch with access to a cellular data network.

However, the Apple Peel is not the first Peel introduced so far. The ZTE Peel from Sprint has already been available in the market. But, the ZTE Peel allows users to make calls only with VoIP through apps such as Skype.

On the other hand, iPod users can send and receive SMS as well as voice calls using an Apple Peel. But, the existing Apple Peel is compatible only with the third generation of the Apple iPod Touch.

The upcoming version of the Peel will support EDGE as well as GPRS. But, it will lack 3G support.

The pricing and release date for the upcoming Apple Peel 520 are yet to be disclosed.