Facebook announces “Buy with Friends” feature

World's most popular social-networking site Facebook revealed its plans to start testing a new feature to allow users to share virtual goods purchases with their friends and relatives.

The new features dubbed "Buy with Friends" was announced by commerce product marketing manager Deb Liu at the Inside Social Apps InFocus conference held in San Francisco.

Liu said that the company wanted to allow users to tell their friends about their deals on virtual goods that they hit in Facebook games. Liu added that more than half of users in the test program chose to share their purchases.

The social networking platform also announced that it was going to make the use of Facebook Credits mandatory for developers from 1st of July.

Announcing the move, Liu said, "We want to make Facebook the most attractive place to invest, and keep users with credits in their pockets."

The site has been ramping up the credits program for the last few book months. Facebook credits are the virtual currency used to buy premium goods in Facebook games like Farmville and Cityville.