Apple fits iPhones with tamper-resistant screws

Emerging reports claim that Apple is replacing standard Phillips or Torx screws on iPhone 4s with tamper-resistant "pentalobe" screws so that no one can fiddle with internals of the phone.

A report published in the Daily claims the Cupertino, California-based consumer electronics giant's repair stores are fitting pentalobe screws in iPhone 4s brought for servicing.

Experts are of the view that main motive behind Apple's recnt move is to force iPhone users to rely only on Apple repair services.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of prominent Apple repair and parts supplier iFixit, said that the intention behind the use of new screws was to keep people out of the iPhone's interiors and prevent them from replacing device's battery.

Now, owners of the Apple iPhones fitted with tamper-resistant pentalobe screws will have to go to Apple repair stores to get batteries replaced, which costs $79 when the device is not under gurantee.

Speaking on consumers' reaction, Wiens added, "If you took your car in for service and they welded your hood shut, you wouldn't be very happy."

Despite growing competition from smartphone manufacturers like that of Research in Motion and Nokia, Apple managed to sell more than 16 million iPhones during the recently completed quarter.