Orange allows PAYG customers to top-up with as little as 10p

Mobile phone carrier Orange UK has launched a new service, called Tiny Top Ups, which allows Pay As You Go customers to top-up their mobiles with spare change.

With a view to make it easier for people to top up their phones with whatever they have, Orange launched the service that allows customers to top up their mobiles with as little as 10p.

Orange's new service put an end to fixed price top ups as Pay As You Go customers can now top up by the cost of a single call or text.

Orange took the step after its surveyed more than 1,000 people and found that around 25 per cent of phone users in the age group of 18-24 years carry less then £1 in their pockets.

According to figures compiled by Orange, around a quarter of Brits have to wait till pay day to top up their mobiles with fixed price vouchers.

The survey also showed that 17 per cent missed meeting with a mate because they ran out of credit and couldn't afford to top up.

Speaking on the new service, Pippa Dunn from Orange said, "Tiny Top Ups make it easier for Orange PAYG customers to top up using their loose change.

Orange has also announced that it would give away the contents of a big tube filled with 10p coins to the person who would guess the exact number of the coins inside the tube.