California man faces 6 years in prison for hacking women’s e-mail accounts for nude photos

Twenty-three-old George Samuel Bronk, of Citrus Heights, faces six years in prison for hacking into the e-mail accounts of numerous women in search of their naked and semi-naked photos and then posting them on the Facebook pages.

On Thursday, Bronk pleaded guilty in Sacramento Superior Court to a total of seven felony charges, ranging from computer infringement to fake impersonation.

During investigation, Bronk said he used to gain access to women's e-mail account using information stolen from their Facebook accounts.

State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris said that Bronk would search for photos of a woman in a compromised state, and on finding one he would send a mass e-mail to everyone in the e-mail address book of the victim.

Twenty-two-year-old Danielle Piscak from Washington, one of the victims, said Bronk told her in a subsequent e-mail that he did all that as he thought it was funny. He also said that he had distributed Piscak's nude pictures to her
1,500 Facebook friends.

After receiving complaints, police raided Bronk's house in September 2010 and found 172 nude and semi-nude photos of women stored on his computer's hard drive. Police also found child pornography stored in his computer.

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