Flash Player users to get more control over cookies

With an intention to step up the security aspect of Flash Player, Adobe Systems Inc. is allowing users to have more control over cookies.

Adobe Systems Inc. has announced that they were teaming up with several browser vendors in order to make LSOs (Local Shared Objects) management possible from within the browser.

LSOs in Flash Player are used for storing user preferences. But, the system is also used by many dodgy websites to track visitors' behavior. It allows tracking of cookies even after a user deletes them.

To get rid of the problem, improvements have been made to the Flash Player Settings Manager. Adobe Systems Inc. worked with Mozilla and Google and come up with a programming interface which lets LSOs to be deleted from a web browser's setting panel.

The new feature, called NPAPI ClearSiteData, has already been approved for Firefox, and is expected to soon be available for Google too.

Adobe Flash Player has been criticized severely by many technology firms, particularly by California-based Apple which refused to include Flash Player on its iPhone or iPad devices.