Global PC shipments jumps 3.1% to 93.5m units in Q4 of 2010: Gartner

Global PC shipments jumped 3.1 per cent to a total of 93.5 million units during the final quarter of 2010 from a year earlier, estimated figures released by IT research firm Gartner claim.

The figure was up from a total of 90.65 million PC shipments during the corresponding period of the previous year.

Gartner's estimates also revealed that global PC shipments for the whole 2010 jumped 13.8 per cent from last year, thanks to a strong recovery in the first half of the year.

However, PC shipments in the United States declined 6.6 per cent to settle at 19.08 million units during the final quarter of 2010 from the year-ago period. However, the professional market showed healthy growth during the quarter.

Commenting on the topic, Principal Analyst at Gartner Mikako Kitagawa said, "U. S. holiday sales were not fantastic for most PC vendors, but the professional market did show healthy growth during the quarter."

HP remained the world's largest seller pf PCs during the final three months of 2010, though its worldwide sales slipped by around 1 per cent to nearly 18 million units.

Acer's global PC shipments also declined. It grabbed the second spot in the list of the largest sellers of PCs with around 11 million sales.

Gartner ranked Dell in the third place behind Acer. It was only PC manufacturer in the top three to grow its worldwide PC sales by 3.9 per cent during the fourth quarter.