Decline to be Recorded in Prescription Charges

Starting April, prescription charges will most probably be lesser than before, on the back of new regulations that has been agreed upon by Scottish Ministers.

The latest regulations, which most likely will be passed by the Scottish Parliament, will imply that single prescription items will cost about 3 Pounds, which is a drop from the earlier charge of 4 Pounds.

Pegging the move as a "great news for patients", Public Health Minister Shona Robison said, "Not only will it bring us nearer to removing a tax on ill health that people needing medicines shouldn't have to face, it's in line with the founding principle of the NHS that it should be free at the point of delivery".

In 2007, the Scottish Government had shared that it will be abolishing all prescription charges, and the process will be completed, as per the authorities' expectations, by April. Patients across England will be paying 7.20 Pounds for prescriptions.

"We strongly believe that this fully budgeted policy is the right thing to do for the patients of Scotland. And by leaving more money in people's pockets, it's an example of how the health service is playing its part in Scotland's economic recovery", said Minister Robinson.