CES, Lady Gaga and innovation

Lady Gaga's aesthetics have paid a hefty amount according to the reports released by Robert Brunner, a former design director at Apple, the name behind designing the PowerBook and at the same time is also better known as the creative director of industrial design firm Ammunition.

For example, Ammunition, which is based on a fee-for-service model and the same time offers client and spends money to patch up with Lady Gaga to craft the Heartbeats by Dre headphones.

This week Brunner viewed the latest pride which was considered as the latest collaboration at the Consumer Electronics Show: the Polaroid Grey Line.

"She obviously has an aesthetic about design. Though it's usually in fashion, she's an extremely intelligent, focused woman with great ideas for what we do," Brunner gushes.

The methodology of designing consumer electronics with Lady Gaga sounds which was further based on run-of-the-mill idea exchange: in each few months, Brunner further explained that meet with Gaga in person to brainstorm product innovations.

Then he further closed this matter on these concepts. Because of the pop star's routine, these ideas are generally presented over email or phone.

He further added that her team is very grateful of what we do, there's a lot of mutual respect. A risk factor which prevails is linked with pairing with celebrities. However, working with Gaga is always fun.