Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid camera sunglasses

Lady Gaga became the center of attraction at the CES in Las Vegas on Thursday when she unveiled a pair of Polaroid sunglasses with built-in camera.

The technology company claims that its new, innovative GL20 Camera Glasses are a blend of fashion and technology. The pair of glasses comes equipped with two embedded OLED screens which allow the wearer to capture and display images.

After capturing pictures, the user can even share them with their friends or relatives.

Speaking about Lady Gaga, Robert Brunner, former design director at Apple, said, "She obviously has an aesthetic about design though it's usually in fashion, she's an extremely intelligent, focused woman with great ideas for what we do.”

Gaga also showed off Polaroid’s two other products, viz. an instant-print camera and a mini Zinc mobile printer.

Nothing was disclosed about the price tag of the GL20 Camera Glasses. Polaroid is expected to announce the pricing for the product before its release later this year.