Comcast to bring live TV to iPad and Android-powered tablets

Owners of the Apple iPad and Android-powered tablets will soon be able to watch live TV on their devices, Cable TV & broadband provider Comcast Corp announced on Wednesday.

Comcast, whose biggest source of income is pay-TV subscription business, is facing increasing competition from online video services, and thus it is making efforts to ensure a space for itself in the online video market.

Comcast said it would launch feature for its Xfinity TV iPad app toa allow users to watch on-demand content. Users of the service will be able to watch live news, TV shows as well as movies on the iPad and Android-powered tablets.

The company added that users would be able to access 3,000 hours of on-demand content.

Commenting on the new service, Comcast's chief blogger J. T. Ramsay said, "Your tablet can be magically transformed into a personal TV set you can carry all around your home."

The app will turn tablets into remote controls as it will allow users to change TV channels, search and browse on-demand content, and line up the DVR.

The potential releases of the app will bring social-networking to allow subscribers to share immediate updates with friends, and a "MyTV" feature which will let users to make recommendations to friends.