TV remotes to feature ‘Netflix’ button

Popular streaming service Netflix announced on Tuesday that it would be accessible via a single button on remote controls starting this spring.

California-based Netflix said that it had teamed up with numerous manufacturers to introduce `Netflix' buttons, some of which will feature the company's logo, on the remote controls that operate Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray disc players and other devices.

Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung and Sony are some of the manufactures which will start selling remote controls with `Netflix' buttons from this spring.

The company said the move will allow subscribers to access movies with one click.

Commenting on the Netflix button on remotes, chief product officer Neil Hunt said, "It's simply a matter of pushing the Netflix button to instantly watch any of the vast selection of TV shows and movies available to stream from Netflix."

To being with, Netflix built its business by delivering DVDs via the mail. But, now Netflix is rapidly evolving into an Internet streaming service that snatching market share from cable and satellite TV services.