Google uses Roman numerals to create Doodle for 2011

To commemorate the dawn of New Year, Internet search giant Google adorned its home page with a brand-new Doodle- “GMMXIE”.

The logo was studded with fireworks. At the first sight, the word “GMMXIE” looked hogwash. But those who are familiar with Roman numerals took no longer than a few minutes that “MMXI” stands for 2011.

Thus the logo was comprised partly by the company name and partly by Roman numerical. The letters ‘G’ and ‘e’ at both ends of “MMXI” created the confusion.

It was not the first time when the number one search engine amazed its users with its strange logos. Actually, Google has a tradition of marking and celebrating big occasions with amazing doodles.

On Google's birthday, 7th of September, the search engine replaced the logo with a series of dots and splotches. To mark Pac-Man's 30th anniversary on 21st of May, it created an interactive doodle, allowing people to play the classic video game favorite for free.

Google Doodles quite frequently provoke a lot of interest and involve social networking site’s users in guessing game.