Children under age 6 shouldn’t use 3DS: Nintendo warns

Nintendo posted a warning on a Japanese-language website stating that children under age six should not play 3-dimentinal games on its upcoming 3DS handheld as it could be hazardous to their health.

According to the Google translation of the warning posted on a Japanese-language website, playing 3-dimential games or watching 3-dimentional could harm children’s eyes as vision of children under the age of six is in developmental stage.

The Wall Street Journal published the warning stating, "For children under the age of six, looking at 3-D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

Nintendo also suggested that 3DS users should take breaks every half-an-hour while playing games in 3-D and they must stop playing immediately in case they feel ill.

The Nintendo 3DS is the newest version of company’s DS line of hand-held gaming consoles. It allows users to play 3-dimential games and watch 3-dimential movies, without the need to wear 3-D glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS will hit Japanese store shelves in February, while the US and European gamers will have wait until March.