Apple may face more privacy lawsuits

Cupertino-based technology giant Apple and its associated application developers could face more lawsuits in near future, one industry lawyer said.

Attorney Kevin Pomfret said in an interview that more consumers could bring lawsuits against Apple and other application developers as the trend of dragging companies to the courts to protect their privacy continued.

Speaking on topic, Pomfret said, “I would not be surprise if there were more lawsuits.”

Lawyer Pomfret, who advises companies on privacy issues, said that the laws on privacy issues were ambiguous.

Recently, Los Angeles-based Jonathan Lalo filed a lawsuit against Apple and its associated application developers, accusing them of sharing users’ personal information, such as gender, age and location, with advertisers. According to the suit, Apple’s actions have violated its privacy policies that do not let the company and its associated developers to share customer information with others without seeking prior consent.

However, Apple is no stranger to lawsuits. Many big rivals, such as Nokia, HTC and Motorola, have sued Apple, alleging its iPhone breached many patents owned by them. In addition, Apple has been dragged to courts by individuals. In one case, an individual sued Apple for not revealing that the iPhone’s battery was not user-replaceable.