Festive pillow fighting in China

Hundreds of partygoers in China felicitated Christmas with an epic pillow fight.

More than 600 youngsters involved themselves in a friendly battle in the Mao Livehouse club in Shanghai.

Pillows clutching in their hands and comes with live music, locals and tourists seemingly were delighted and created a whirlwind while cutting down on cotton fillings throughout the whole room.

The organizer of the event, Cai Jun, stated that pillow fighting was apparently the most popular in China to set people free from pressure.

"In China, a pillow fight is a novelty. It is a softly-violent way to release pressure after a whole year's work. So it's welcomed by white collar and young people," he said.

He further stated more than 800 people who online registered for the pillow fight night, but police denied numbers to around 600 due to security concerns.

One thousand pillows were put in use as weapons in the war in order to spread Christmas spirit, with the 25 minute battle that left a mess as an outcome.