Australians pledge to lose weight, debt

It was stated the finances sorted and losing weight are considered to be few of the pledges in case of Australians, a survey states.

Christmas seemingly has left a considerable amount of flab and claimed that weight is a priority for 60 per cent of survey group, the online research for a real estate advertiser says.

Another yearly resolution - quitting smoking – also comprises of highly, with 28 per cent stating that they needed to dump the habit, realestate. com. au claims. And comprises of the finances back in shape is another must-do.

A share of 31 per cent stated that they want to get rid of their credit card and consolidate personal debt. Twenty-one per cent of participants want to purchase that they buy new home and 33 per cent aim to invest in proper manner.

Another 36 per cent stated that they want to purchase a bigger home. It was further claimed that the new topics, 27 per cent of Twitter and Facebook users want to come down to their usage of social media.

And 51 per cent of Aussies stated that installation of energy-efficient light bulbs, while 39 per cent want to claim their garden drought-resistant. The poll involved 2949 people were performed by realestate. com. au online between December 6 and 8.