Men spend more than women on Boxing Day

Men are about to spend more than women at the sales on this Boxing Day, as the NSW residents target at being the most frugal, as says a research.

Australians are going to place around $400 million on their credit cards, with approximately 60% of the sale buys to be spent on plastic.

This is almost equal to $213 for every one of the 18.7 million Australians owning credit cards, amounting to $399 million, as reported by the Lonergan Research.

The survey was done on 1038 people, all adults, above the age of 18 years, from regional and metropolitan regions, and it was found that 21% of the people more often than not always use their credit card for purchasing a big-ticket item.

Further numbers of men go on Gen Y's credit cards as against the other generations, and they plan on incurring expenses of an average of $433 at the sales.

As against the expenditure plan of women, which is merely $281, this is relatively much more.

On a state by state basis, the NSW residents plan on expenditures minimum in the sales, of $288, while people in the resources-rich Western Australia plan on expenditures maximum of $463.