What hangovers are

A hangover is the not-so-pleasant feeling in the head and body that happens after a person has had way too much to drink of alcohol. The effects of hangover vary from age to age and gender to gender. It also depends upon the body weight, body's metabolic rate and the quantity of alcohol consumed.

The most common symptoms of a hangover are bad headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, sweating, nausea, bad taste in the mouth, excessive thirst, sensitivity to light and even a guilty conscience. In fact, the after effects of a bad hangover cam often lead to anxiety, depression and the inability to think properly.

Apart from binge drinking, hangovers happen because of other reasons also like drinking with an empty stomach, dehydration in the body, not ample sleep after drinking alcohol etc.

Hangover is mainly caused by the ethanol present in the alcohol which leads to an increase of diuresis or an increased urine production which leads to dehydrating effects like severe headaches, fatigue, nausea and sometimes vomiting also.

The best thing to get over a hangover is to drink lots of water which helps in flushing out the toxins and alcohol collected inside the body.