One in six in the UK to work remotely on Christmas, study

According to a new study by Glasgow-based internet firm Demon Broadband, about one in six British workers will be working on the on Christmas Day.

The research by the ISP shows that employees will spend about ten hours of their annual leave on working on tasks remotely this holiday season. The study showed that 86 per cent of Brits will be working at some point during the Christmas period.

The survey found that the employees in the UK are finding it difficult to stay away from work due to the internet. Matt Cantwell, head of Demon Broadband said that this technology means people are now "constantly connected" but also said that it offer them flexibility. He said new devices like smartphones will allow people to work while on holiday.

"As a nation we're no longer restricted by set working hours and are often the most productive when working whenever and wherever suits us best," he said.