Apple developing Cherokee language software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Technology giant, Apple has joined conservation efforts to preserve an native American language and is developing Cherokee language software for Appleā€™s iPhone, iPod and iPad tablet devices, in association with community members.

Joseph Erb, who works in the Cherokee Nation's language technology division said, "There are countries vying to get on these devices for languages, so we are pretty excited we were included." He also said that the language has been supported by Mac since 2002 and should be in technologies used by young people.

Mr. Erb said that the language should me made a part of cool technologies otherwise the young users will simply switch to using English. "They'll just give up their Cherokee, because the cool technology is in English. So we had to figure out a way to make the cool technology in Cherokee," he said.

Cherokee Chief Chad Smith said that the objective is to encourage young people to start using their native language by using text messages to communicate with them after school. Cherokee is based on 85-character syllabary writing system and is an Iroquoian language.