Google to release Android 2.3 for Nexus One

Google will soon release Android OS 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread) update for its first branded smartphone, the Nexus One.

The Google Nexus team used its Twitter account to confirm that the concerned update would be made available over the air in the coming weeks. However, they didn't provide any definite release date for the update.

Jean-Baptiste Queru, software engineer at Google, said that the source code for Android 2.3 was already made available to download for developers.

Android OS 2.3 will bring improved user interface, a redesigned app manager, contact-less payments capability via near-field communication, SIP compatibility, more efficient use of power, the option of shifting to voice mode to correct text errors and the ability to use the phone's front-facing camera to capture pictures and video.

Those who do not want to wait anymore can purchase Gingerbread-powered Google Nexus S, which is available at Best Buy stores.

The Google Nexus One smartphone was produced by HTC and resembles the HTC Desire smartphones, while the Google Nexus S is created by Samsung and looks like the Samsung Galaxy S.