Google warns against hacked websites

Internet search giant Google has announced a new feature that will warn users when it notices that their websites might have been hacked.

In case Google detects anything suspicious, it will post a warning underneath the search result stating, "This site may harm your computer."

Clicking that link will provide users with more information about what could cause problem, while clicking on the website’s title will take users through to the website, compromised or otherwise.

The company said in a blog post, “We use a variety of automated tools to detect common signs of a hacked site as quickly as possible. When we detect something suspicious, we’ll add the notification to our search results.”

A hacked website normally means that hackers have taken control of the site without the permission of the owner. Hackers may alter the content of a page, add new pages to the site, or add new links on a page. They may use tricks to make users to share personal and credit card information.

Google will try to contact webmasters of the potentially hacked sites. The warning label will be removed once the threat is past.