Nintendo 3DS carts will hold up to 8GB of data: report

Taiwanese site Gamrade has reported that Macronix, Nintendo's solid-state memory supplier, is supplying 8GB solid-state storage carts for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to Gamrade's claims, the Nintendo 3DS' storage cards will be capable of holding almost as much data as the Xbox 360's dual-layer DVD discs.

However, Nintendo has already declared that the Nintendo 3DS would come equipped with game cards of up to 2GB capacity. 2GB is ample storage space as it is four times the storage of the current DS' 512MB carts.

As per estimates, it could up to $1.8 million to develop a 3DS game. The figure is up to three times that of an existing current DS game.

The Nintendo 3DS, the company's glasses-free 3D handheld, is expected to hit store shelves in March next year.