After slashing jobs, Yahoo turns axe to products

After slashing its workforce by around 5 per cent, Internet search firm Yahoo has reportedly been mulling over plans to shut down some of its web products, such as bookmark-sharing service Delicious, to stimulate revenue growth.

AllThingsD and TechCrunch recently reported that Yahoo was planning to shut down bookmark-sharing service Delicious as a part of its plans to consolidate its Web properties.

Chief product officer Blake Irving at Yahoo also posted a tweet that the firm had plans to get rid of the bookmark-sharing service Delicious for quite some time.

Launched in 2003, Delicious lets users to tag Web pages for future reference, and then share them with others. The service was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. The site serves as a whole Web memory.

However, a message on Friday at the Delicious blog claimed that the service was not being shut down. It stated that Delicious could find an ideal home elsewhere.

The firm sated, "We're actively thinking about the future of Delicious and we believe there is a home outside the company that would make more sense for the service, our users and our shareholders.”

Earlier on Monday, Yahoo announced that it would slash around 600 jobs to hack costs.