Anonymous taking new course to express support for Wikileaks

The hacktivist group Anonymous is taking a new course to express its support for Wikileaks, which has been facing severe political firestorm since it exposed secret American cables.

Now, one faction of the secretive group has urged supporters to plaster the streets with pro-Wikileaks propaganda. As it is known, Operation Paperstorm, encouraging volunteers to print and paste pro-Wikileaks posters across towns and cities.

The concerned faction of the group has urged supporters to distribute the material 18th of December, Saturday, as many people will be in town for Christmas shopping.

Volunteers have reportedly been translating pro-Wikileaks posters in to several languages.

Earlier, Anonymous launched web-based attacks against several technology and financial firms, such as Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa, because they terminated essential services to the website.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has claimed that the anarchic group of hacktivists, is more hierarchical than it is believed. A hidden cabal of as many as a dozen accomplished hackers co-ordinate attacks across the web

Some experts are of the view that the leaders of Anonymous use internet relay chat technology that lets groups of people to communicate secretly. Members in the upper echelons are believed to have control over "botnets" comprising in excess of 1,000 Windows PCs which have been infected with a virus. This large network of virus-infected PCs can be controlled without the user's knowledge to direct "distributed-denial-of-service" (DDOS) attacks.