ENISA warns about smartphone security risks

The European Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA) has warned about the growing security risks associated with smartphones, such as the iPhone and BlackBerry.

The Information Security Risks report prepared by ENISA, the IT security agency for the EU, mentions ten main security risks, including fake phishing apps, spyware, surveillance and diallerware (a kind of malware that dials a premium number.

ENISA's executive director Dr. Udo Helmbrecht said that it is essential to access the security and privacy risks associated with smartphones as their use is growing in the EU region.

The IT security agency also made recommendations on how to deal with the issue.

Report's co-author Dr. Giles Hogben said, "Smartphones are a goldmine of sensitive and personal information - it's vital to understand how to maintain our control over this data."

Security recommendations include setting the smartphone to lock while not in use, and to ensure that any permission requests are read properly before installing apps. In addition, software must be from a trusted source.