Virgin Media offers fastest broadband service in Britain

Virgin Media is the fastest broadband service provider in Britain, the internet comparison website Broadband. co. uk said.

Fresh figures released by Broadband. co. uk revealed that broadband speed across Britain jumped 22 per cent to 4.478Mbps in December 2009 as compared with 3.67Mbps in December 2008.

Virgin Media presents the fastest broadband service with a speed of 7.426Mbps, surpassing its rivals such as Be Broadband and O2, which stood second with a speed of 5.143Mbps. Be Broadband and O2 shares a common network infrastructure.

Speaking on the topic, Edd Dawson from Broadband. co. uk said, “The providers that show stagnation are those who haven't rolled out new higher-speed products during the last year.”

The website also said that speeds of broadband services between 6pm and midnight were on average twelve per cent slower than after midnight.

Speed has always been a major issue for those looking for broadband services.