US minority groups strongest Twitter users: survey

A fresh survey carried out by the Pew Research Center revealed that 8 per cent of adult internet users in the US use micro-blogging site Twitter.

The survey claimed that minority groups such as African-American and Latino adults make use of Twitter more than then the whites. Use of Twitter was found among 18 per cent of African-American and 13 per cent of Latino adults.

The Pew study questioned 2,257 adult internet users and found that young adults and those who live in cities were more enthusiastic Twitter users. The Pew study was carried out to explore technology in the country.

The Washington-based group said minority groups visit Twitter more for the reason that they are younger and make use of mobile technology more often. Twitter allows itself to be accessed via mobile technology.

Non-whites comparatively make more use of instant messaging and social networking on their handsets. Twenty-five per cent of active Twitter users were found saying that they checked their Twitter accounts several times a day, while 2 per cent said they were extremely active.

Seventy-two per cent of Twitter users post tweets about their personal lives, including activities, opinions, feelings and other personal information.

Micro-blogging site Twitter allows users to post updates using a maximum of 140 characters.