River Severn frozen for first time in over 20 years

The ongoing cold snap has turned the surface of the River Severn into a sheet of ice. It is the first time in more than twenty years that the river has frozen over.

Big freeze has been running in the area since 23rd of November. Gulls were spotted landing on the sheet of ice.

Worcestershire’s weather expert Paul Damari said that the thin sheet of ice was the work of uninterrupted cold nights. According to McBurney it was a cumulative effect.

Commenting on the topic, he explained, “What happens is where the river flow is sluggish, the ice forms from the bankside and moves further out eventually joining the ice formed from the opposite bank.

People are being advised to stay away from the frozen river. They warned that it could be dangerous to walk on the frozen river as the sheet of ice was very thin and the water was very cold.