WikiLeaks making efforts to maintain its online presence

Whistleblower's website WikiLeaks, which recently exposed thousands of sensitive US embassy cables, is making sincere efforts to maintain its online presence, in spite of recurring cyber-attacks and cancelled services.

WikiLeaks have been facing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that aim at keeping people away from accessing the website. Several technology and financial companies like that of Amazon and PayPal have already terminated essential services.

Apart from, Amazon and PayPal, PostFinance, Visa Europe and MasterCard froze its accounts, while everyDNS terminated its domain name server services.

But, technology experts are claiming that it is becoming harder to shut down WikiLeaks with the passage of time.

Speaking on the topic, CTO James Cowie from Internet monitoring firm Renesys said, “The harder you hit them, the bigger they get”.

WikiLeaks have been getting support from anti-secrecy groups such as Anonymous, which already has started launching attacks on websites that the group believes have treated WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange unfairly. Financial company PayPal has already suffered DDoS attacks from the side of the group.

The founder of the site Assange, who has been accused of sex crimes, has already surrendered but he denied any unlawful activity.