Microsoft announces new anti-tracking privacy feature for IE 9

The users of the upcoming version of Microsoft’s popular web browser Internet Explorer 9 will be able to limit sites from tracking them, thanks to the new security feature that Microsoft announced on Tuesday.

Microsoft announced the new feature as the Federal Trade Commission is considering ways to restrict advertiser’s ability to track internet users’ web browsing history.

The new feature, called Tracking Protection, will allow users to direct the browser which third-party content to which to prohibit and which to permit. The “do not track” mechanism will alert websites that a user does not wish to be monitored.

However, the software giant clarified that the Tracking Protection Lists would be purely an opt-in feature, and that it would not provide any lists by itself.

Federal Trade Commission’s chairman Jon Leibowitz welcomed the new feature, saying it would let consumers have a control on tracking.

Speaking on the topic, Leibowitz said, “Microsoft deserves enormous credit for taking a critical step toward providing consumers with more choice about who can track their online browsing.”

Support for Tracking Protection Lists will first come in a release candidate of Internet Explorer 9.