Researchers analyze first horned dinosaur from Korea

A team of researchers analyzed a fossil of the first horned dinosaur that was found in South Korea two years ago.

The first horned dinosaur, Koreaceratops hwaseongensis, has been named after Korea and Hwaseong City, where the fossil was discovered. It lived as many as 103 million years back.

The dinosaur had unique fan-shaped tail, which suggests that it might have been a good swimmer.

The available skeleton includes the dinosaur's backbone, partial hind limbs, tail and hip bone.

Michael J. Ryan of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History said that the discovery was significant as it filled a missing twenty million-year gap in the fossil record between their origin in Asia and North America.

Speaking on the topic, J. Ryan added, "Fossils of dinosaurs have not typically been found in this region, whereas evidence of dinosaur eggs and footprints occur more commonly.

At around 5-6 feet in length and about 60-100 pounds in weight, Koreaceratops was small compared with gigantic relatives like that of Triceratops found in North America.