Virgin Media partners with Persimmon Homes to create fibre homes

Virgin Media has partnered with Persimmon Homes to equip selected houses in cabled areas with built-in fibre optic infrastructure.

The entertainment and media giant is extending its fibre cable network with an intention to offer super-fast broadband service to residents of newly built houses.

The potential owners of the new houses will be able to enjoy Virgin Media's super-fast fibre broadband, television as well as telephony services.

Persimmon Homes will publicize Virgin's products, such as its ultrafast 50Mbps broadband service, as a part of the deal.

Potential owners of the houses will be allowed to create their own personalized home communications set-ups to meet their requirements.

Virgin's director of sales for new build, Steve Carlin, said that company's services would allow customers to benefit from its technology.

Speaking on the topic, Carlin added, "Virgin Media's partnership with Persimmon Homes can take a little bit of the stress out of setting up home as well as allow more people to enjoy our next-generation services as soon as they move in."

Meanwhile, reports are emerging that Virgin could team up with 3UK in a bid to expand its feet in the mobile broadband market.