Creator of Black joins London-based studio City Interactive

Stuart Black, the creator of popular first-person shooter Black, has joined London-based studio City Interactive as its new in-house development studio's creative director.

City Interactive's chief executive Marek Tyminski said that the company was continuing to expand its resources and capabilities, and they were delighted at Stuart Black's arrival.

Speaking on Black's appointment, Tyminski said, "We continue our strategic expansion of resources and capabilities and are excited to have Stuart lead our new product development team."

City Interactive has recently hit licensing agreements with quite a few well-advance video game engines. Thus it was in an apparent need of a person with development experience and vision to lead the work in a classy manner.

Black will reportedly lead development on a new story-driven WW2 shooter which will stress high adventure in a genre which has become overwhelmed in reverence and historical accuracy.

Black left UK developer Codemasters last month.